Multimedia transfers
​and Slide Shows

Videos bring another dimension to memories. At Tomazin Scanning, we bring you the high quality your videos deserve with some of the best prices around. 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, VHS and Hi-8.

We also can take your images and create beautiful slide shows for your home, weddings, memorial services and more (with or without audio).

Cassette, 8-track and 1/4" reel-to-reel quality conversions, too.

Affordable, eyecatching designs

Graphics houses and big shops are great, honestly. Our designer has worked in both, and brings you quality design and a personal touch at more reasonable prices.
Brochures, business cards, and all types of business design
Books, school sports programs, invitations and calendars
Large-format graphics for signage, banners and vehicles
Logos, clothing and all types of promotional pieces
Print vending of all types, utilizing the best printers for the
  best prices, without going out of state, overseas, or to
  low-quality, mass-production facilities

Erasing the ravages of time

Do you have images that have been damaged by light, dampness or scratches? Tomazin Scanning specializes in cost-effective photo corrections, from minor adjustments to major reconstructions. Even if you think your image or artwork is a lost cause contact us!​ In many cases, it is not as bad as you think!
Re-creating A Lifetime Of Memories 
Maybe you have old wedding photos. Or perhaps it is a few thousand slides. Home movies from your childhood. Artwork or old documents. Chances are, you have these items, but you don't know how to go about enjoying them again or preserving them for future generations to enjoy

Count on us to take whatever it is you give us and transform it into priceless digital memories (at a price you can afford).

Clients And Recent Projects

International metal-casting corporation
- scanning 1,000s of 5"x4" negatives

International telecommunications corporation
- graphic arts and print vending

- private project of 8,500 images & 7,000 feet of 8mm films

- private project of almost 8,000 photos

J.S. & K.S.
- almost 2,500 35mm slides scanned and adjusted for color balance for each customer

​Bridgeville Area Historical Society
- scanning of many thousands of images of all sizes for their continuing collection

Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra
- graphic designer

1715 Fleet Society
- graphic designer, print vendor

...and many more!

Scanning your images

Photos - anything flat up to 12"x18" (larger scanned in pieces)
Slides - 110 size and up
Negatives - 110 size and up to 12"x16", x-rays too!
Glass plate negatives - up to 12"x16"
Newspapers & artwork - contact us for details
Documents and more - anything that can lay flat, we can scan

YOUR EXPERIENCE is Our focus  

What We Can Do For You

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Image Scanning, Media Transfer ​& Graphic Design Services

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